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Welcome to the channel

A little bit about me:

My name is Byron Dacula. Streamer name 1TamaD.
I'm a filipino and currently living in the philippines.
I was born on October 1992.
I'm also a webtoon comic artist, and you can read my webtoon series by clicking my webtoon panel
I'm also a very quite person, but that doesn't mean i won't talk to you, or answer your questions. i just dont talk when no one is talking to me, or no one is asking questions.
I also have a very confident and pretty boring tone to my voice whenever i talk, that most of the time makes me sound like a ass. but please understand that, that's just how i talk normally.

About the channel and rules:

I made this channel as a form of therapy for myself. (I have problems. and i don't and won't talk about it on live streams, so don't bother asking)
and i don't really have a streaming schedule. i just stream whenever i feel like it, so you won't see me streaming everyday.
I also do drawing/art streams sometimes. and i also do and accept art commissions. just leave me a message on discord. (you can also check the commissions i've done for people on my discord channel)
and this channel has no filters. so you might hear offensive and disgusting words especially when i'm playing a game (mostly PUBG) so watch at your own risk. (if you got offended for some reason. i'ts not my fault)

donations are also greatly appreciated, and will be use for computer parts/upgrades, or just for a whole new pc build all in all.
(I want to upgrade my pc or build a new one not just for streaming. but also for the making of my webtoon comic series. cause whenever i hit a certain number of pages while making my webcomic. my pc lags a lot, and makes everything super slow)

as for the rules. just be friendly towards everyone.
you can make offensive and disgusting jokes if you want. as long as it's not pointed directly at anyone.

Equipments and Programs i used:

MSI A68HM-E33 V2 - Motherboard
AMD A8 7670k - CPU
AMD Rx460 2gig version - Graphics Card
8gig ram (2x 4gig)

Samsung S22D360 22" Monitor (main screen)
Asus 19" Monitor (second screen)
Fantech K611 Keyboard
Fantech X9 Thor Mouse
Plextone G20 Gaming earphones
Plextone G30 Gaming earphones
BM-800 Condenser microphone
Kevler PM-930 Dynamic microphone
VEIKK A15 Graphics Tablet

Clip Studio Paint
Mirillis Action
Official Discord

this is my discord channel, tho i'm not very active on it, feel free to join. thank you

you can also message me here if you want me to make a commission for you.
Stickers/Emotes Prices
These are the prices for the Stickers/Emotes Commissions.

to inquire just join my Discord Shop Server and leave me a message (just click this image). so we can talk about what kind of sticker do you want, and what character you want to turn into a sticker/Emote.