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Hi and welcome to my channel!

First of all......my friends are always up to no good so u might find alot of hard language being used so if u get offended easily then u should only come when im alone.U HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

I'm a Dlive streamer that moved to this platform after streaming on twitch for 2 months (Literally the best move I ever made). After my first stream on this platform the realisation set in that this was my home and I was going to more than happy being a part of the #DliveFam

If there is anyone that is reading this and is curious about starting to stream on Dlive my advise is DO IT!......You will not find a more supportive community anywhere else!!!! (Feel free to ask me anything regarding the platform and I will try my best to explain)

I can act a bit of an idiot on stream but that's purely for banter, if anyone want to talk about anything from mental health to what colour underwear I would recommend feel free to drop me a DM. Im not a judgmental person and nothing more I like more than to make at least one person smile every day.
please use the command "!commands" for a list of commands that can be used in the chat.For a list of games i play Type in chat "!games1" , "!games2" and so on up to !games4 but make sure to type them as separate messages.
Thanks for watching and dont forget to follow me!
My specs include:
i-5 6800
8 gb ddr4 ram
gtx 1060