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Welcome to my channel! Retired Vet, served 15 years in the United States Navy as a Jet Engine Mechanic and Oil Analysis Operator. Founder of 2EZ GaMiN Community. I am just a good ole’ country boy who loves and enjoys video gaming. I was born in Oklahoma City, Ok. in January of 1983. At the age of 5, I received my first console, “THE NINTENDO”! Ever since, I became hooked on video gaming. Through the years, I’ve acquired various gaming consoles from Super Nintendo, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. I now have a PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and a PC. Playing video games has been an absolute blast, and here I am today streaming, creating videos, building an even better team, and guiding our younger generation in to a more positive lifestyle. Choosing to help our youth to make better choices by directing their attention away from the negative and focusing on the positive
I would say I'm laid back about channel rulez.

Please dont come to the channel and ask to play with me, drop you a host, or promote!

As for curse words, I am a sailor, so I curse and talk like one. So if that type of language offends you, I apologize in advance! This channel is intended for everyone of all ages!

Their are a few select words that will however, get you banned. I don't mess around with racism, discrimination towards anyone's sexual preference, religion and life styles.

Just keep it chill, grab a cold one, and enjoy the stream!!
Please check out my YT page @ https://www.youtube.com/c/2EZDaSupaman
Donations & Tips are never required but is always appreciated. All donations & tips received will be used to purchase new games & to upgrade hardware/software, and giveaways to make the stream a more enjoyable experience for everyone!!