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The Funniest looking Chinese guy on NBA 2K Basketball to date.
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I9 9900K
16GB DDR4 3200MGZ
2070 GPU
3 Samsung Curved 27in monitors,
Razer Keyboard,Mouse,and Mouse pad.
Click the Link above to be taken to the person who does all of my graphics
Please feel free to make a donation anytime you feel is right to do so, I will never ask for a donation though. Please note all donations are final, and if caught charging back you will be bannned.
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(Global Partners)
https://dlive.tv/Enforcerj - This man right here is National ranked in the top 25 on apex legends he is a monster at the game, give him a look and tell him 2K Little General said hello

(Verified Partner)
https://dlive.tv/captshambles - Comp APEX Player.

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https://dlive.tv/LordAmish - This dude is one of a kind make sure to check him out he plays mostly PUBG

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https://dlive.tv/Jilawin - This man right here is a major help to anyone from support force, This main lurks, follows and chats in almost every stream I go to, show him some mad love.

https://dlive.tv/ChuckHess - This man right here is an addict for Sea of Thieves, but he is known for model cars as well. Give him a follow and tell him Little General sent you.

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https://dlive.tv/XAV2k (He Plays 2k mostly but you can catch him on some other games as well.
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