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Hi, I'm 3DCrusader, 3D or Crusader for short.

I like to make video games and stream their development.

I've used both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity for game development, but these days I stick to UE4.

I used to play a lot of games and also stream them.

But now I spend the majority of my free time developing them instead.

I've been a virtual reality enthusiast since I first stumbled upon the Oculus Kickstarter.

After waiting a couple of years, I bought an Oculus DK2 and my love for VR development exploded.

I've made many projects over the years, but most of them are just experiments.

One of the coolest experiences I created integrated MixPlay into a VR game in which viewers controlled the environment.
That was awesome.
The viewers helped to create the game as I was building it. It was great.

In the beginning of December of 2018 I decided that it's about time I embark on a journey to publish an app on the Oculus Store.

After 6 or so weeks of prototyping, I have a decent sense of what the project direction will be.

I'll be regularly streaming the development of this game going forward, so please join me in this creative endeavor!

Ideas for the game are always welcome, feel free to chat about them during the streams.

My streaming schedule is very sporratic as of now, but I will do my best to lock in a regulated schedule as soon as my job transition is complete. This will most likely happen around late February. Until then, I'll be all over the board in regards to when I go live.

Not many people know, but the 3D in my name doubles as a smiley face with VR goggles on, if you were to turn it sideways of course ;)

More Coming Soon...