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On this channel we are going to be sending in a regular live stream plans for almost every night! Streaming to this platform through multistream. Wanting to build up a community on whatever I can. Hoping that everyone that joins the page will be sure to send some messaged and help a streamer out ya know.

Mainly what we are going to play on this channel is going to be a lot of FPS genre games. I have enjoyed these types of games as long as I can remember. Every once in a while we are going to change it up and play something like League of Legends or maybe something a little more different than that.

About Me
I have been trying to make a name for myself on streaming since 2017. Since recently I have been taking it a little bit more seriously and have really been putting in the time on both Mixer and Twitch. But from here on out the plan is to go on every streaming channel that I am able to broadcast on. If you are wanting to check out some of the other channels be sure to type the command !channels and there will be a popup in chat so that you can support me on all of my pages.

The main thing that I wanna start growing is my Discord. The reasoning for wanting to do this is because I want to build a very specific community that everyone has a similar personality and knows and is cool with everyone. I wanna get some cool general people that are wanting to link up with others and grind out some games!

If you are interested in going a little deeper into the streams and content that is going to be uploaded be sure to use some of these commands and you will stay the most connected

Of course the goal throughout the whole thing is to be able to do this full time. If you are able to donate a couple of bucks it would be the most appreciated. Do not think that you have to for any reason of course but anything is appreciated of course.