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Hello everyone , I'm a collection of cells and I jut plain and simple 99 % made of games . As for this generation I mainly play games on a PS4 PRO and I have 600 + Platinum trophies . Lol of course I didn't earn them all by myself I have a life you know lol . What I basically do is that when I first play a game from start to finish without any trophy guides , walk-throughs and et cetera . just like the Sega genesis days and also early PS1 days when there was no internet and I spend weeks and month to beat a level and many times I had to ask my friends to see if they figured out a way to progress . Lol I miss those days . After I beat a game I focus on them trophies and what I use whatever method available to me to platinum the games as fast as I can and I mean anything . Here is the list of games that I have to plat before this generation ends :

1. Sekiro
2. Spiderman
3. Days Gone
4. Kingdom Hearts 3
5. Black ops 4

1. Witcher 3
2. Hitman 2
3. Crash bandicoot
4. Deus ex mankind divided
5. The order 1886
6. Just cause 3
7. Detroit
8. Shadow ware

1. Death stranding
2. Borderlands 3
3. Commandos remaster
4. Cyberpunk
5. The last of us 2
6.Ghost of Tsushima

it's worth mentioning that I don't technically platinum or 100 percent every game I tend to aim for the platinum and if it proves to be near impossible i just let go since life is too short. one example for me is black ops 4 , shadow warrior , paid dlcs that I'm not interested in .

Also my favorite games of all time are :
syphon filter 1&2 , resident evil 2&3 , crash bandicoot 1&2&3&4 , METAL GEAR SOLID 1&2&3&4&5 , devil may cry 3&5,Hitman 1&2&3&4&5&6&7.

You're always welcome to add me on playstation my psn id is : Basehype_