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I have a mic but I'm not a [redacted] singer don't ask me to speak pls.
I like memes, animoo, manga, games, and pondering about how big or small this universe is.

There's a lot of things I could put here about me but I doubt you're in the mood to read a novel without enough pictures.

----What do I stream? Why do I stream?
I currently mostly do drawing livestreams if I happen to stream, however I will never do unpaid services or requests, At the moment I don't offer paid services either.

I may take suggestions once in a while, but I don't draw fanart just because.
Drawing your original character is not a suggestion.
Not a pro artist I just really like having chill time and draw my own things, you know?
It's nice to stream once in a while in case I feel isolated.

I'm kinda anxious about online stuff sometimes due to my experience with other streamer platforms. I don't like twitch much, I used to have a decent streaming schedule on picarto around 2018 until that one dreary summer.

I just hope to enjoy my time streaming my arts again but personally I don't want the pressure of sharing too much personal stuff outside of my friend circle.
You are welcome to ask questions, just don't ask me details about my life, I'm chill but not your closet-pervert-friend.
The FAQ will be filled with common questions below.


*What do I call you?
Riel, it is pronounced as 'real' not ri-el.
Please do not give me weird nicknames.

List of existing nicknames:
Riel-san (for weebs)
AE (short for my usual handle; ActualEvil)
Thunder (I joke with this word when my drawing speed turns into speed-o-sound-sonic from one punch man. The best sonic. Kinda a meme between me and my old dead picarto audience at this point.)
Rie, Pendra or Rie-Rie (This is only used by old friends who drop by in stream, do not use.)

*What do you identify with?
I am a person, an entity that defines myself as:



*What's in your pants?

*Birthday / age?
5-5-1998 birthday
+ current year = my age.

*You seem cool, can I spam your chat with my [content] without asking??
Please don't self advertise. If it comes up on topic I may ask.
If I don't ask, don't link anything. related..

*You don't draw with a mouse?
A: No. I never really did, I'm not that good at vector art either, I draw with a tablet.

*What tablet(s) do you use?
A: An UGEE 1910B Monitor tablet, Its a big pen display that works like a second screen as well. When not working behind my laptop, I use an Ipad Pro for doodling, not sure which model it is but it was 600,- EUR I believe.

*Can you draw traditional?
A: Yes, however I currently do not have the right set up and lights to make a proper traditional pen + paper stream.

*What is your digital art software?
A: Clip Studio Paint EX, for most things. I sometimes use SAI for experimenting, but I'm more used to the extra tools that CSP offers.

*Do you have a ART tumblr, instagram, twitter or deviantart?
A: I do no longer use tumblr since the nsfw wipe-out started to flag SFW artwork as well, deleted that account. Instagram I use to post pictures of my guinea pigs ( is my insta ) My twitter is and Chandraneel is my username on deviantart at the moment. I have other social media as well, but don't use them that much.