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Just Me!
Im Just me a mom of 3 I love to listen to music and take requests. Occasionally I sing...badly but still do it lol...I suffer from depression but DLive fam makes me very smiley...Love yall.... Yes Im fat get over it meanies IDC WTF you think...I LOVE ME that is what matters. everyone go follow my fave dude... https://dlive.tv/Drunk3nSquirr3l tell him hooter sent ya....
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​Facing a ticking time-bomb, Captain Wilson and his allies race to stop the traitors in their midst before they unleash the full potential of a deadly and horrifying chemical weapon upon the world.​

The Geneva Protocol of 1925, which prohibited the use of Biological and Chemical weapons, never happened. In 1935, the Chemical and Biological Special Weapons Division of the United States Army created a toxin so horrific it was deemed "too inhumane to deploy" and was shut down. Death is not an escape for its victims, it is only the beginning.

Now in 1941, Germany is advancing unchallenged throughout Europe, armed with advanced and terrifying weaponry decades beyond its enemies. The horrors that could be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world by unscrupulous men and their dark machinations.

U.S. Army Captain, Henry Wilson and British SIS Agent codenamed Valkyrie are working together to prevent high-ranking traitors from within the White House and United States military from helping a secret organization set on world domination. Unable to know for certain who is an ally or an enemy sympathizer, they must take their chances. Informing potential allies of the fast-approaching crisis or tipping their hand to the potential enemy.