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Hi I'm Demonic!
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Hi, I'm Demonic! I'm a Full-Time Streamer. I play a variety of games, but I'm mostly known for Battle Royales! I'm not in any way a "Serious" gamer. I'd say my channel is part comedy at times. I enjoy making people laugh or cringe. I always enjoy interacting with my viewers, and even playing together when possible! Hope you'll follow and join in on the fun! Thanks!

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PubG Custom Games 7:30Pm-Midnight EST.

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PubG Custom Games Noon-4Pm EST.

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I will always do my best to make this fun for you! I am building up my activity on other Social Medias. I will do my best to keep you entertained!

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Rules for my Chat!
1. No Racism
2. No Roasting people in the chat. That's my job.
3. No Spamming!
4. Stay Positive!
5. No Self-Promotion
6. Don't Disrespect the Mods.
7. Don't ask about the Chest!

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