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Halo 2's Very Own - APACHE N4SIR - Guinness World Record Holder
My name is Craig but I’m better known for my XBOX Live Gamer-Tag: APACHE N4SIR and am known in the gaming community for what I did for 673 hours 58 minutes leading up to being forcefully removed on May 11th 2010 from the Halo 2 servers.

My PC Specs:

💎GPU: Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 [Max-Q] 4G GDDR5
💎CPU: Intel Core i7-9750h 2.6 - 4.5GHz
💎RAM: Memory: 16GB (8G x 2) DDR4 2666MHz
💎Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD

💎Mouse: Logitech M510
💎Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless 850
💎Mat: RedDragon gaming mat

💎Monitor 1: MSI 15.6" 1080p
💎Monitor 2: Acer XF1 Series 1080p

Streaming Gear:

💎Elgato Stream Deck 5x3
💎Gen 1 Xbox Elite Controller
💎Turtle Beach Xbox One Headset
💎Elgato HD 60S
💎Neewer Green Screen 6x9ft
💎Tonor USB Mic Kit

I am currently on Medical as with my condition I cannot work. What I have been suffering from is a complication from the blood clot that occurred when I had a massive pulmonary embolism that lack of a better term killed me. I suffer from severe Lymphedema in my leg and foot that prevents me from being able to wear shoes or boots, and if you know where I live (Montreal Quebec Canada) you know it gets really snowy and cold from November through end of March, and thus... I don’t leave the house very often... not because I don’t want too, but because I physically cannot.
I have been playing video games for most of my 40+ years I’ve existed and other than countless PC’s I’ve had since High School, I have over 51 game consoles (40 of which are unique and different). Some of my favourites other than the XBOX(s)... They are: 3DO, Atari Jaguar, N64, Nintendo Switch, Dingoo A320, Gameboy Micro.

Back in 2009 I started working in the Gaming industry where I was a professional game tester (better known as working in the QA department). I’ve been credited in quite a few game titles.

Streaming and gaming for me is an outlet, and what I mean by that is it’s a way for me to try to relax and disconnect. It’s a way for me to feel like I am equal with everyone else who is playing.

I am an active gamer on Xbox and proudly bleed green.

I am a proud member of the No Pants Crew (NPC). Find us on discord at: https://discord.gg/FnQrQ5N
💎Xbox One X
💎Xbox One (2 consoles)
💎SNES Classic
💎Nintendo Switch
💎Atari 2600
💎Atari 5200
💎Nintendo Family Computer
💎Nintendo Entertainment System
💎Atari 7800
💎SEGA Master System
💎Commodore 64 Game System
💎SEGA Genesis
💎Neo-Geo AES
💎Super Famicom
💎Super Nintendo Entertainment System
💎3DO Interactive Multiplayer (Goldstar)
💎3DO Interactive Multiplayer (Panasonic)
💎Atari Jaguar
💎SEGA Saturn
💎Nintendo 64 (3 consoles)
💎PlayStation 2
💎Nintendo GameCube
💎Xbox (2 consoles)
💎XBOX 360 (7 consoles)
💎Nintendo Wii (2 consoles)
💎Nintendo GameBoy
💎Game Gear
💎Nintendo GameBoy Advance
💎Nintendo GameBoy Micro
💎Nintendo DS
💎Dingoo A320
💎Nintendo 3DS
💎Nintendo Entertainment System Classic
Unfortunately, although I live in Canada... treatment for my leg isn’t offered *at least not that I have found that would treat/fix me, I have however been told to go get treatment at the MAYO Clinic in the United States. But that then leads to travel expenses, accommodations, food and transportation but also how much the appointment will cost me. That’s just to see if they will treat me. all of which I don’t have the ability to pay for so there’s treatment possibly... just can’t access it. You might ask I’m in Canada and healthcare is free... they must have treatment for what I have. And you would be correct, but also wrong. See they have treatment and will only treat me *IF*:

1. I am female
2. I have Cancer

Because I don’t have either one of these criteria, they won’t treat me. Sure... they will treat me when I’m hospitalized for 6 weeks (last hospital stay was +/- 6 weeks), as the government (known in Quebec as RAMQ) will do... they will treat the problem just not treat the solution to the problem... each hospital stay is longer and more painful than the last.

This is my GoFundMe page to help me get 'back on my feet'. If you will.

The games I usually play

🔹Battlefield (All of them)
🔹Halo (All of them)
🔹PAC-Man 256 (Simmy *STILL* Cant beat my score... Keep trying buddy!)
🔹Call of Duty (All of them)
🔹Farcry (All of them)
🔹Ghost Recon
🔹Assassins Creed (All of them)
🔹Fortnite (When Simmy Makes me)
🔹Zombie Army
Here is my schedule, all times are in PST (Pacific Standard Time). This schedule has an ebb and flow to it, in that it changes. I try to keep to this schedule but I cannot always keep to it due to my medical conditions.

Monday: 09:00-1300 hrs (Minecraft)
Tuesday: 09:00-1300 hrs (FPS)
Wednesday: 09:00-1300 hrs (FPS)
Thursday: 09:00-1300 hrs (Random)
Friday: 2000 till I stop: (Friday Night Frights, Horror Games Only, hopefully with SimmyDizzle)
Saturday & Sunday: Whatever

I didn't have anything to put in this block... Yet...
This is joey, my Service Dog, he is good people. Check out his Instagram! Click the cute doggie picture above!