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• How to start trading futures?
- Log in on binance.com (Web version) then use this link: https://bit.ly/3pOzgCU
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• How much capital should I risk on a trade ?
- Usually 3-7% is a good pick. You don't want to risk everything.
- You want to be able to come back for another trade in case of a loss.
• Leverage:?: If Yes how much
- Use How much Leverage you want, it's up to you.
- We recommend if you are a beginner between 1x and 5x.
- Yes you can also play those calls In spot as well since Spot and Futures are related.
• Is it possible to test futures without using my own funds:?
- Yes, you can create an account on the Binance Testnet, where you can trade with papermoney
( https://bit.ly/3pRU4tf )
• Do I lose money from Spot Wallet if I use Cross and it hit my liquidation price:?:
- No. In case of using Cross Mode and liquidation price was hit, you lose all your money from Futures wallet.
- We don't recommend using Cross Mode unless you know what you're doing.

• DIfference between High Risk, Normal Risk, Safe Risk:?
- First Of all Every trade can fail at any time, there is no such thing as "safe".
- :warning: High Risk - Highly likely to enter in the trade, for short period of times, but that mean it has high chance to fail if you stay for too long inside that trade.
- Normal Risk - It's the normal type of trading most people do using clasic support/res, 50% chance to enter in that trade
- Safe Risk - When market go unexpectedly low for a short period of time and it hit your trade, lower chance to hit your limit.
- We will provide with chart locations to see each location where is situated.
•What is TP/SL, how to read them:?
-TP = take profit, SL = Stop loss

•What does TP: 0.42, 0.45 , 0.49 mean:?
-Let's say you buy at 0.36, TP: 0.42 mean that you will take profit at that price, but what about 0.45?
- If the price is for example at 0.40-0.41, that mean you are about to hit your take profit, that's the moment where you set up your SL (Stop loss) higher than your current price (for example: 0.39), in case price drop, congrats you are still in profit. And cancel the old take profit from 0.42 and put the new take profit 0.45.
- And 0.49 is the ultimate take profit, If price is 0.47you set SL at 0.44 and ride the wave, if the price drop, you bought 0.36, sold 0.44 (which is more than the first TP 0.42).

•What is BE:?
- Break-even , meaning 0 loss or profit