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About me:

My name is Joe A.K.A. AbreakNrun. NY native. I was in the U.S. Navy for 6 years, got injured, and take care of my family since I can't work due to my injury. Before my time streaming, I went back to a passion of mine which is pool. I am a pretty good pool player. Ranked as a C, I could hold my own against many good players if they are not careful. Once my family took a turn for the worse, I decided to stay home and care for them. It was a big hit socially and mentally, but I will do what I can for those I care about. The name AbreakNrun came from those years playing pool. A break and run is when you break in pool, sink a ball and win the game without your opponent being able to play, sinking all of your balls without missing, a perfect game.

My Startup:

I became the first Reputation 60 worldwide and number one Xbox player and 3rd worldwide on the character Nuxia in For Honor and did a video for a YouTuber showing off the character. Many people tried to slander my name calling me trash since I was doing the video during my normal sleep time, underperformed, and it really bugged me, so I held a open challenge for people to come play against me. Only a few people stepped up to the challenge and I streamed the entire thing. This was the start of my streaming career.

I am a For Honor streamer and a pretty good player if i dont say so myself. I am working on getting a few other games into the rotation, but currently I am working on completing my #Year3RoadsTo70, where for Year 3 in For Honor, I am max repping all the new characters that release before the new season starts and another one releases. At the moment, I am at 5 Rep 70's and the road is almost complete, meeting all of the requirements I have set in this challenge.

So come hang out and join the HORDE!
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