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Welcome one and all to the widest stream on Dlive!

Going to be trying out some Ultrawide streaming (21:9) but I will also be streaming 16x9 seeing that's what most people have.

Thanks for visiting and hanging out and giving this stream a Follow. Look forward to great times with a great community.

I'll be trying my best to grow this stream to affiliate for the added benefits and make it as enjoyable and engaging as possible.

In order to do so I will give it my all to keep investing in this channel as I can.

*** See "News" panel for deets! ***


Pretty simple and common sense just like most other streams. If you are a douche to the community expect to be removed and banned. I'm sure it doesn't even need to be said but here it is.

Also on

IRL Streams

I also do IRL streams from around my area and home exclusively on Dlive.

You never know what you're going to see on my IRL's. Heck I don't even know! So keep an eye out for those.

Streaming right now is on a flexible Thursday evening to Sunday evening schedule
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Well I messed up and now I'm spending way too much money on my PC.

I went to upgrade my pc and the CPU was not supported by my motherboard. My board only supports 10th gen intel, I bought 11th gen intel. Some boards support both, not mine!

They wanted $60 restocking and about $20 shipping fees. So...

I'm now building a whole new pc around that CPU which is :) and :(

:) yay for new PC
:( for my credit card

But all in the name of being able to bring the best stream to all the wonderful frens that hang out when I'm streaming!


New GPU finally. Time to get rid of the old dinosaur GPU.

Much love to you all <3
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