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Welcome Far Travelers, future Yokazens, and future Pups. Come and commune with everyone, make some friends and future teammates. Just look forward to lots of laugher and verity of gameplays but also expect other things outside of the realm of gaming to.
#House Rules

* Read FAQ
* Respect Everyone
* Don't Abuse Spamming
* No Spoilers
* No passive advertising/sellouts
* No politic/religious discussions
* Do not take credit for anything that's not yours
* Have Fun and Enjoy yourself
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Donating is not mandatory so don't feel like you have to but rather it is from kindness of your hearts and every donation will be appreciated.

**Motto:** *"A family that works together, have funs together"*
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**What is your name?**
The name is Ace, nice to meet you all

**What is your ethnicity?**
In short, I am a mutt

**What I do?**
Streamer, Freelance Artist, Web Designer, Security, & Art Commission for Streamers

**Why Acebrigade?**
Ace was a nickname given to me by many people then years later I added the Brigade part. Which Acebrigade holds much a mystery that I only know.

**What games you play?**
Am a verity gamer so look forward to being surprised.

**How long you been gaming?**
Since I was 4 years old.

**Can I play?**
Only play with subs but also loyal followers and close friends.

**Business Email**