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TruthHertz : Anti-yahvist propaganda. The jewish god must be destroyed!
Acid House Histery Munf!
Yeah it has to be another sumfin munf but I can't remember what it is. I'll be streaming the REAL history of House music. No, it was not a Chicago gay black thing. And since we're here, fuck Juan Atkins! What new stuff did you bring to the table? Nothing. And you suck at what you do, so take that ADL money and shove it up your ass. Techno was invented by Kraftwerk. Period.
past streams : 808 State Radio Show @ Sunset 102 FM

The show aired for a few years during the acid house/rave daze on Manchester-based Sunset 102 FM. Here are a few 1989-1994 recordings of the show recovered from cassettes. Tracklistings where available. Mad props to whoever recovered these gems!

These arechives are freely available here:
and elsewhere online. I stream this for two reasons: to relisten to this awesome stuff and to make people aware of it.