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Greetings, I am young Norwegian AoE2 player, deep philosophical thinker and performance artist.
I used to consider myself a Right-wing thinker, but I have come to think multidimensionally, beyond the comprehension of traditional politics.
I used to be insecure about my physique- going to the gym to look big and strong when my lifestyle didn't require nor make use of it, now I let nature shape my body in what way it sees best for what I do with my time, namely playing AoE2.
I used to be so shallow and simple-minded, but now I have evolved, beyond my personal desires and that of a collective, I now serve Homofascism.
WARNING: By watching this madly handsome Scandinavian goy you are at risk of developing increasingly gay tendencies and be drastically radicalised into an ideology that violently oppresses the heteroids. Discretion is adviced.