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Hi everyone! Buff here. Military Vet, lifelong gamer, geek, fitness aficionado. I'm a variety stream of the PC and Switch games. Join me for a semi-magical journey thorough the land of games, won't you? will.

-World of Tanks
-Apex Legends
-Battlefield V
-War Thunder
-Whatever else strikes my fancy :)

-Keep the language clean-ish.
-No sexism, racism, politics, religion, homophobia or general idiocy.
-We're all here to have a good time, you inhibit someone else's ability to do so, you will be banned. No exceptions.
-Feel free to lurk! Interaction keeps the stream fun, but everyone is welcome to participate in the way they wish :)

No regular schedule right now, but I stream whenever possible. Be on the look out for an updated schedule in a few weeks!! Thanks for your patience :)