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Hi, I am a Swedish 17 soon to be 18 years old. I will mostly play games ranging from strategy games to action games, I play almost everything.
I may do some art or creative things every once in a while after I warm up to streaming as this is my first time doing so.
I have been on the platform for a couple of months and I have been loving it so far.
ps: I apologize for the accent(talking to you scorpion)

streaming times:
anytime and anywhere from 1 am to 12 pm, I live in the UTC+1 timezone so everyone knows

da rulez:
rule 1 be a generally good person
rule 2 don't talk shit about anyone but me
rule 3 pls no chest or follow for follow shit(unless it's funny)
rule 4 funny jokes can overrule all rulez(even this one)
rule 5 I make da rulez

here are some awesome people(ps i may have missed someone, I very easily forget things) : my fav streamer and generally awesome person, has the best streams on dlive. : another Swede that's like a grandpa :) to me (get it? he's rly old, but not rly that old) : just generally a cool person and streamer : my go-to man for all crypto related content : cool game dev that plays games : and last but not least my senpai

social media:
i am not rly on any social media