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Whats up guys?! Name's Cory!

I'm 27 years old, streamer by day, EMT by night! Just your average dude that likes to play games and meet new people. Hope you enjoy the content as much as i enjoy making it for you :)
The stream is just starting out but I would love to have you join my discord and gather good people together for gaming or just chatting! Click the link below! :)
Donations are never asked for but GREATLY appreciated! It helps keep the stream going and helps me get things to give back to my community! :) Click the link below if you're feeling generous xD
My rules are simple friends... Don't be a dick... I promote a positive, respectful community and if you somehow just can't be a decent human being. Then me or my mods will happily remove you and you can go troll someone else.
Want updates on when i go live or just wants memes?! Follow my twitter! There should be a link above that should take you straight to it! :)
FAQ - Q. What roles do you normally play in LoL? A. I usually only play ADC or support. Occasionally i'll jungle.

Q. What are you favorite champs to play? A. I am a Jinx and Vayne two trick at ADC and i play mostly Leona or Janna for support!

Q. What was your highest rank in LoL? A. My highest rank was diamond 3 and one day ill achieve that rank again (god willing xD)