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Hiya Everyone! I'm a new streamer and i'm looking to expand my horizons and stake my claim on DLive. My motto: Screw Family Friendly. I'm focusing on uploading my full, unedited, filled with copyrighted music, streams that aim to entertain and get people talking and making new friends! I won't shy away from topics that are considered sensitive or offensive if my followers and subscribers want to talk about it. In the eyes of fairness all my streams have a nice display of what song and by who in it whenever music is playing so those creators get their recognition and by no means will I dispute their claims so long as they are just and valid. Also all songs are streamed from Spotify Premium to help support said creators as it plays. Further on weekends i'm going to focus my time between streams on editing highlights of different streams and batch uploading them to Youtube for your viewing pleasure if you don't feel like sifting 4+ hours of footage to get to the good stuff. Feel free to message in chat and ask me anything. I love to get to know people or just chill out talking about life!

-Red Dragon Mechanical Keyboard
-Razer Naga Chroma
-Triple Monitor Setup (4K main, 2x 1080p)
-Blue Yeti Microphone w/ Knox filter
-Tascam TH-03 Studio Headphones
-Logitech C615 1080p Webcamera

-Streamlabs OBS
-VB Cable Donationware
-Voicemeeter Potato Donationware

---My Custom PC---
-Intel i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad Core
-16GB G.Skill Trident Z 3400MHz
-MSI GTX1070 8GB Gaming X
-OCZ Trion 250GB SSD/1TB WD Blue 7200RPM
-Asus Z170A ATX Motherboard
-Corsair 750W Power Supply

Monday - Friday: 8:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday: No set time.
^1 hour tweet and Facebook post so follow social media for updates.
-Weekends are much more casual/talk with friends and game type streams that range from 4-8 hours long.
-Weekdays are generally 4 hour streams unless it's a special event.

---Current Games---
-Division 2
-Destiny 2
-Monster Hunter World

*Please don't feel like you need to. I work full time so i'm able to make ends meet just fine. Only do this if you really are feeling generous and as a promise to you this money will go directly to improving this stream.*

---Shameless Plug: Streamlabs OBS---
*I use Streamlabs OBS for my streaming. If you'd like to get started streaming to any of the major platforms be sure to give this program a download as your bread and butter streaming program!! You can use the URL above to link to their page!*
**Yes this is an affiliate link. Just wanted to be open about that.

1.) This stream is set to mature for a reason. Feel free to let loose and have fun but don't go overboard. Breaking DLive's policies are the same as breaking mine.
2.) I will talk about and discuss topics you may not be comfortable with (within reason). If you feel i'm crossing a line feel free to give me a heads up.
3.) Be kind to each other. General banter is fine as it's a great way to get people talking but I won't tolerate bullying or ganging up on anyone.
4.) Spam = mute every time.
5.) Please don't ask for personal information if i'm not comfortable with sharing it. I'll try to be as open as possible but everyone has their little secrets ;)
6.) GET INVOLVED! Chat with me and with each other! Tell me how I can improve or what i'm doing well even if its just a DM. Your advice will directly affect this stream moving forward!

Multistreaming possible due to