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Heyo, my name is Aaron Arthur George Evelyn Emmerson Scott Harvey Winters or Airenix, but everyone calls me either Aaron or Air. And welcome to the Dlive channel. You can normally find me over at but I've decided to give Dlive ago. Anywho, thanks for tuning it. Hope you enjoy it and stick around!

The rules are as followed. Obey them or you will be banned. End of story. Regardless of who you are.

Channel Rules/Guidelines

No offensive language. (hateful comments, discriminatory words/phrases) Swearing is fine as long as it is not directed at another person and isn't used excessively.

Everyone is welcome, we do not judge, discriminate, or hate on this channel.

This is an open minded and positive place.
Keep discussions regarding controversial subjects (religion, politics, etc) out of the chat.

Typing messages in 'ALL CAPS' is okay, as long as it is not excessive, or projected in a negative and/or aggressive manner.
Don't hate, appreciate. Please be respectful.

Spamming (meaning in quick succession), two or three Stickers is OK, as long as it isn't flooding the chat and making it unreadable or difficult to follow. If you think you might be spamming chat with your stickers, then take a couple minutes and post some more after that.

About Me:

- Q: What is the rating of your stream?

A: PG-13 -- I ask that chat be kept appropriate and at a PG-13 rating. (Mods are to enforce this, lack of doing so will result in removal of Mod status)

- Q: What's your Schedule?

A: It sure isn't.

Minor Question:

- Q: How old are you?

A: 92 - 71 =

- Q:Where are you from?

A: Canada