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Hello there my name is Akaraien I am a Twitch Livestreamer with 3000 followers moving over to DLive!

I believe this platform will be more popular than Twitch in the next couple of years that is why I am jumping on it now before the platform is too big for it to grow on unless you get hosted by someone super big or blow up!

Personal Bio about myself:
I am a fulltime Content Creator, Entrepreneur, sponsored competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate athelte and Martial Artist.
I am 19 years old currently trying to move away from my home country Austria to the USA. If you would like to support me make sure to drop a follow and spend some Lemons on the way I will try to support every good content creator on this platform as much as possible!

I try to stream everyday for roundabout 6-10 hours mostly going to be training in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but I will also occasionally stream other stuff on the platform and see how it goes.

Current Goal for DLive:
Get Partnered aka
Get 200 Followers for now

Hope you will enjoy your stay!

All of my Social Media Links in 1 go: