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WHATS UP BROTHER! I'm a streamer over from Twitch, Plan to make a full switch over here by the end of the year.
I hope to entertain and teach the world about Games and Anime join me on my journey into this wild world
Really hoping to make something of my self in the content creator world help me do it loves!

So a Little about me:

~ Been a gamer since I was about 3 yrs. old
~ I'm currently 20 yrs. Old
~ Variety is the spice of life (I play lots of diff games)
~ I also have been watching anime as long as I've gamed
~ love to talk about everything from complex philosophies to simple everyday questions
~ live in Cali right now (yes its hot here~)
~ speak a lil Japanese
~ rap and sing oh yee bb I do that

What I love:
~ Anime & Manga
~ Reading
~ Music of all kinds
~ Shiny stuff
~ Colors: Pink, Black, Purple, Blue, Red, White
~ Comics/Superheros
~ Its a long list

Favorite games EVA!!!
~ Tomb Raider (all of them)
~ Halo (all of them)
~ Fable 2
~ Final Fantasy (X, XIII, XV)
~ Borderlands (all of them)
~ Telltale's The Walking Dead
~ Life is strange (all of it)
~ Mirrors Edge
~ Dragon Age
~ Skyrim
~ Street Fighter (all but V)
~ This is a long list too just ask in stream lol

~ if you think you shouldnt say it pls refrain from doing so
~ No hate speech, we hear it enough elsewhere lets not do it here
~ Pls dont backseat game unless asked it gets a bit bothersome
~ Smile, laugh, make friends in chat, join the BROTHERS!