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I am a Marine vet turned musician, turned gamer, turned variety gaming streamer. I’ve travelled the world and now I’m building a channel dedicated to all things gaming.

I play and stream Apex Legends, Fortnite, Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, LOL, NBA 2k, and Rocket League. If you’re wondering what games I’m going to be playing check into the discord and follow my socials for info and additional content.

I’m based in NYC so ASK ME ABOUT THE SUBWAY! My wife frequents the stream as well and we do reactions to videos and certain content from time to time. LOOKOUT FOR AN ALPACA FAM YOUTUBE SERIES SOON!

There will be a bit of delay that I can't seem to get around on dlive. It's around 8 sec but I'm doing what I can to minimize it.

Enjoy the streams and excelsior!
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Stream/Content Schedule:

Mad Media Mondays: Chatting and Making vids * GTA/Sea of Thieves/New Games
Traveller Tuesdays: Destiny 2 Pinnacle Gear and PVP
Warlock Wednesdays: Destiny 2 bounties/quests/pvp/random raids (dlive/mixer) Apex (mixer/dlive)
Follower Fridays: Fortnite/RL/Sea Of thieves, any other cross play enabled community friendly games.
Sweaty Saturdays: Ranked Rocket League then follower RL on Mixer only
Sundays: Generally an off day but I do stream from time to time anyways

*Stream typically starts at 2pm EST or by that time on days where I have more time in the morning.
*There will always be a chatting portion of every stream at the beginning 😊
Dell Inspirion 5680 Intel i7-8700 CPU @ 3.2GHz
RAM 16GB installed
64 bit operating system
1TB of Hardrive space
GeForce 1050TI Graphics card

Logitech G502Mouse
Razer Ornata Chroma RZ03-0204 Gaming Keyboard
MSI Gaming Mousepad
Logitech C920 Pro Computer Webcam w/Dual Stereo Mic HD 1080p Black
Be nice. Don't curse at Alpaca. Don't call people trash. Be encouraging. Hate speech and malice will be met with the big hammer. Don't self promote in the chat, there is a channel in discord for that. No politics please