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Hello there, Im Alzombie, Artist, Musician, Activist, Shaman, Free Thinker and Seeker. Here are some links to my Art, Music and Activism. Please follow me and subscribe on all platforms. Youtube have been banning my videos and giving me false strikes. Thanks for the Support.

My Bitcoin Address to help me fight global injustices through the mediums of dance, art and music. Bitcoin Address 1Q1GC9ePAFf6vhExFvDTJUuZ79DSHZ4H2F

My New Old Single I Made it on an Amiga 1200 in the early 90's and released it just recently, Listen on Spotify or buy it here

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My Mixcloud:
(With links to free downloads and Merchandise)

A playlist of the best of all my music on Soundcloud

(Although Soundcloud recentlry deleted two of my Heratio Huffnegler's Revenge Soundcloud profiles for messaging my own fans with a link to the best of on vinyl on diggers factory, idiots)

Corp. Rats E.p.'s

Corp. Rats free youtube playlist and downloads

Corp. Rats Merchandise

My First Bloodclart Jungle Album, on Bandcamp

My Second Jungle Album, Heratio Huffnegler's Revenge! on Spotify

Buy It on Bandcamp here

The Best of Heratio Huffnegler's Revenge, Better than the best of, Just Deserts listen on Spotify! Now

Buy Just Deserts on Bandcamp Now!

Heratio Huffneglers Revenge Merchandise

My Threadless Merchandise

Keep Calm And... T-Shirt

Disobey... Womens T-Shirt

Stop Wars T-Shirt

Terror From The Deep... Womens T-Shirt

Unconscious All Slaves T-Shirt

Hegelian Dialectic ******* Womens T-Shirt

Aliens and U.F.O's Playlist

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