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Ambulance Crew
"Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo", or If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise hell. I am a horror gamer and storyteller, and I am looking forward to seeing you where between where the light starts to fade and the darkness starts to creep in . So Join us and raise a little hell with the Ambulance Crew.
Chamber of Horrors
Special Shout out to the people I believe you will enjoy.
Diabetic_Medic: His niceness is just a ploy to bring you to the dark. His battle cry is HARDLICKADICKA
BridgetPanda: Her sweetness is enough to corrupt your soul, So go with her to chocolate candy mountian
BTactics: This minion of the dark can charm you to the gamer realm
Thrown_In_The_Pit: This demon will inject your very veins with metal:
You wanted it you got it