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I'm an 19 yo 2D artist and lover of all things fluffy. I live in the US. I draw a variety of things in digital and traditional media. I also stream games sometimes mostly Minecraft.
* Don't ask for the Chest to be opened
* Don't sticker spam unless I say you can
* I try to keep this stream family friendly so no swearing is appreciated
* English only please
Join my discord if you want to share your art or just hang out. I post pretty much all of the art I make there. Click the panel to join.
I try to post my favorite works there often. There's also some very old cringey art in there too if you want to take a look at that.
If you want to check out my Instagram click the panel.
Follow me on twitter if you want to I guess. I'll post art there sometimes as well as announcing milestones.
I do all my commission discussion on Discord. I try to keep the commission process very casual.
@ or DM me if you're interested. I accept payment in PayPal or Lemons. No work shall exceed 200 USD or go below 15 USD. I make stream overlays/assets, logos, portraits, landscapes ect.
I will not draw Pornographic content but there are other Dlive artists who would be willing to.
Digital art commissions are recommended for clients living outside the US because of shipping costs.
* (Eng/Rus/Lav) epic traditional & Digital artist
* (Eng) Amazing digital artist, he makes characters, animations and stickers.
* (Rus/Eng) Apex, Dota, No Man's Sky, Cod MW, he is Nart the Russian Gamer God
* (Eng) Star Wars: The Old Republic,
Minecraft, Runescape ect .Chill and wholesome game streamer with a good taste in music.
The merch shop is newly added. there are very few products currently but I will be adding more periodically