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🔴 Piano Live Stream: Playing ANY Song You Request! (Instructions below)

Donate for a song request using YouTube’s Superchat or Streamlabs here:
-Donations of $5+ will get you a request on any section of a song you want (See SONG REQUEST TEMPLATE below)
-Donations of $10+ will get you a mash-up on any TWO songs you want
-Donations of $25+ will get you a medley on any THREE songs you want.
-Donations of $50+ will get you a FULL song request (song length restricted to under 3 minutes because I am working it out within the live stream)

SONG REQUEST TEMPLATE: Artist – Song Name – Starting Time – (Other details like channel name)
Example: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - starting at 1:27 (RickVevoLol)
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👍 For every 100 LIKES we receive in the stream, we choose a song request to do for FREE from the chat! SO SMASH UP THE LIKE BUTTON!
Q1: Why aren't your song requests free and open to everyone?
A1: If I opened requests free to everyone, I wouldn't be able to play them all (there is only one of me). I believe that music has its’ value and wish to prioritise my donators and sponsors who recognise that
Q2: How do you learn songs almost instantly on the spot?
A2: It is a combination of playing by ear, improvisation, and a strong music knowledge developed from classical piano. I teach all of this in my piano courses available for you to try for free linked above.
Q3: Can I donate for Classical or Jazz songs on stream?
A3: Yes, for classical I will try my best to sight-read the sheet music on the spot, and for Jazz I will work out the chord progression and improvisational motifs.
Q4: What is your stream schedule?
A4: I normally stream for about 2-3 hours every Mondays 2pm (GMT+10) multistreamed to YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Mixer and YouNow

Q5: What happens if I donate and had to leave before my request was fulfilled?
A5: No problem because when the livestream ends, it will be available to rewatch as a playback video.
Q6: How do I know if I donated the minimum of $5 USD in another currency?
A6: You can google “currency convertor” and see how much you would need to match each donation tier.
Q7: YouTube is not notifying me of your streams, can you notify me elsewhere?
A7: Yes, you can follow my Twitch to get reminded and notified when I stream:
Twitch -
Q8: Do you do anything else apart from music?
A8: Yes, follow my Instagram for the other side of me:
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NOTE! All donations are final and non-refundable. By donating, you agree not to chargeback any tips made. VODs can and will be used as evidence when fighting PayPal chargebacks, as will this text.