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Hi, Dream Chasers! I'm Anayume, and I'm an indie-pop singer/songwriter. Music has been my passion and favorite form of expression for my entire life. Piano, ukulele, guitar, and looping with some light percussion and wind instruments are what you'll find me playing here on DLive. I'm also currently learning violin! I'm a little too formal, wear my heart on my sleeve, and just want to be able to make people smile and have fun doing it.

🔴 Weekly Schedule 🔴
11/18 - 4PM EDT
11/19 - 5:30/6 PM EDT (UNICORN ONESIE)
11/21 - 5:30/6 PM EDT
You are welcome to request any of the songs on this list on stream. Song requests are 100% free and cost 0 lino. However, a donation of a diamond or more will bump your song to the top of the queue.

Please only request up to 2 songs at a time.

- Priority song request upon subscribing (please remind me!)
- Access to secret Discord channel where sometimes exclusive content is shared and stream feedback is asked for
- Ability to request songs on Sub Appreciation Day (once a month)
This month's featured streamer is Drsoundcheck! He's a musician who just wants to have fun and take as many requests as possible. He just got a harmonizing loop pedal that he's been experimenting a lot with, doing songs from country to rap to comedy and anything in between.

Check him out here:
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If extra perks like skipping the song queue, photo shoots, exclusive music, and me learning a song for you once a month sound like something you're into, check out my Patreon!

Patreon pledges go towards getting better equipment for the stream, music videos, home recording, and gigs, paying bills, and saving up to move out on my own, which would GREATLY improve the stream (times I can stream, how long I can stream, no interruptions, more space).

💖 $40- Nicarasu
💖 $30 - Margaret Snow
💖 $30 - Ryo
💖 $15 - Drsoundcheck

If you enjoy my content, know that donating lino & pledging on Patreon will allow me to keep streaming!
Music has been my main focus in life since 2014. Between being signed to a label and then deciding to go independent, it's been a journey of ups and downs. I'm live streaming with hopes to reach a wider audience and live a comfortable life maintaining this as my career. I book gigs with my duo, do freelance commissions (currently closed), and sing in bands in studio and live as needed. I also recently got a part-time job at a music store.

The best place to purchase my music:
(Although it can be found anywhere, I get the biggest % from Bandcamp purchases.)

Stream, save, and follow on Spotify (the panel image links to my Spotify)!

This music was all released under my previous stage name. I hope through live streaming that I can build an audience to release new music to under Anayume as the artist name soon.
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Most of this is just silly.
1- General respect for me and everyone. This means no hate speech to any person or group of people regardless of race, gender, orientation, etc.

2- If you're thirsty, just go get some water. In other words: do not come here to flirt with me or be a creep. I'm not your "love" or "babe" or etc.

3- No spam or unwarranted advertising or links without permission.

4- Let's keep controversial, religious, and political conversation out of here and relax!

5- Please consider saying hello before demanding I play you a song. :)

6- English only in chat please.

Thank you to my mods for helping to keep things orderly: drsoundcheck, EngelDerNacht, EthanSolo, & Nicarasu!