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Khal Andre de Bonk – Freedom Fighter, Philosopher, and Analytic.
Leader of .

* Quarter of the Century
* Kyiv, Ukraine

We have an active 6 years war with Russia, but in fact, it is trying to destroy and enslave Ukraine for more than 400 years.

* 2 full-time BA degree, MA degree, Erasmus+ student
* Automation God & Process Architect

Excel + VBA, Google Sheets + Google Apps Script, RPA – any PC automation, Trello, Zapier, G-suite, Telegram bots, etc.

In our days, society's opinion is captured by bot armies in all the Socials.
The old world was full of lies. Nothing was real.

On 4.4.2020, the old world ended, and the 420 era has begun.

I am creating a revolutionary platform –

The Ark of Human Will, best Earth community, full discussion Freedom, honest reviews, and opinions.

New World Order starts here.
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I am developing a community RPG system, all donations are converted to doobs (Khalasar currency).

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