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Welcome to my stream page
Welcome to my stream i am Andsim most people call me Happyone in game or andsim. i do have a disability called Cerebral palsy (CP) i do everything by my toes and i do speak but difficulty speaking so please ask me in chat to type it out.

Multistreaming with
About Streamlabs
i have been asked by few people about Streamlab Merch and their service
They ARE NOT part of Dlive in any way therefore you cannot get my product or donate thou their service unless you join my other stream channel that i am live, since it only work there.
if you want to donate use the button under my video to tip.
or use subscribe link below here until i get work on get affilaite on dlive

thank you
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Chat Rule
Chat Rules:
1. Be respectful to everyone.

2. Please don't use all caps.

3. No [aggressive] backseat gaming.

4. No political, religious, or drug-related content in the chat please. I am open minded but there are people of all ages and persuasions in the chat, and this isn't the place to hold those types of conversations.

5. Ask before posting links.

6. Don't talk about timeouts and bans in chat after they happen. You can always PM me or a Mod if you have an issue with it.

7. Please respect the game choice.

8. Speak in English only

Do not post spamming in my chat, u will get ban when i see notices on my stream software or look on my chat or mod will ban you