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About Me
Hello! My name is Mitya Selivanov. Aka Guattari (my electronic project), Angsthotep (my black metal project). I'm a musician from Moscow, Russia. I play electric guitar & bass in several bands. Now I often write music live on my streams.

My main interests in music: ᛣ Impressionism ᛣ Dungeon Synth ᛣ Witch House ᛣ Chillstep ᛣ Dark Trap ᛣ Black Metal ᛣ Ambient.

Feel free to use my music in your projects. All music is licensed under a Creative Commons License (Attribution). Contact me if you need additional information.
Sometimes I play games on streams. My favorite games: Warcraft III, Diablo - The Hell 2, JK2 Jedi Outcast, StarCraft II.