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Konichiwa everyone!✌🏻
Welcome to the best 24/7 anime music channel! AnimeVibes is an official radio station that consists of some of the best anime opening/ending songs on Dlive. My goal is to build a community for all you enthusiastic anime fans to socialize and also give you the nostalgic vibes. If you're cursed by being a otaku that has big passion for anime music, you’ll fit in nicely here ^^
Rules apply to Chat Messages

⓵ Racism is NOT tolerated
⓶ Do not disrespect anyone
⓷ No negativity towards anyone
⓸ No spam (sending the same messages just twice in short time is also considered as spam!)
⓹ No self promoting/F4F/advertisement
⓺ Keep it a family friendly environment
⓻ Be respectful to the people on the stream and you’ll get respect in return
⓼ Positive anime vibes only!
⓽ Chill and enjoy (:

(Violating any of these rules will lead you to a time out, or in the worst scenario a permanent ban)
Donations are a great way to show that you enjoy the anime music and want to support the channel. Anything you give is highly appreciated and will be used to improve the quality of the stream!

Please be aware that donations are non-refundable.

You can donate by clicking on Zero Two panel, or by clicking the link on here

Arigato gozaimasu!! ♡♡
Be aware this channel is only for purposes of promotion and entertainment, without infringing any copyright or intellectual property. All music belongs to the respective owners, however I do have the permission and hold the license to stream this music!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my email
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🌟Special shout-out to Ronald Kuang who is an digital illustrator and also the mastermind behind the epic Naruto background video! Make sure to check out his Instagram
Anime Quiz

I’m introducing the weekly Anime Quiz! Anime Quiz is a mini game that consists of 10 questions and will be changed weekly. Every new week there will be 10 new questions based on a certain anime show. For example, This week’s theme will be Attack on Titan, but the week after I’ll change the theme and the questions to a different anime show. That way it won’t be the same questions forever, because c’mon who wants that right? To take this quiz it’s really simple. You don’t have to type the answers in chat, nor do you have to use any bot commands. It’s basically to challenge yourself and to find out how much of an otaku you actually are! At the end of the quiz you can see in which category you ended.
Ofcourse there are easier ways to answer these questions by simply using Google, but to keep the mini quiz fun to play, I rather request you to answer the questions with your own anime knowledge (:

Goodluck and have fun!

This week’s theme is Attack on Titan⚔️

1. Who are the three main characters of the show?

2. What is Levi's last name?

3. Who is known as the "Potato Girl?"

4. Who are the Colossal, Armored, and Female titan?

5. What are the three regiments in Attack on Titan?

6. Where did Eren live when the titans first attacked?

7. Who was the commander before Erwin?

8. What are the names of the three walls in Paradis Island?

9. How many Titan Shifters are there?

10. Who taught Levi everything he knows?

1-3 answers good
rank: Baka Otaku
If you ranked in this category I feel sad for you… Do you even pay attention to the anime you baka!?

4-6 answers good 
rank: Newbie Otaku
You’re halfway there but still have half a way to go. Don’t give up! There will be new questions next week, you’ll do better for sure! In the meanwhile go watch some more anime you newbie.

7-9 answers good
rank: Senpai Otaku
You’re very close to the highest rank! Impressive anime knowledge you got there Senpai!

10 answers good
rank: Sensei Otaku
Well done! By answering all these questions right, you can proudly consider yourself as the Sensei of this week! Honto ni subarashii desu!

Thank you for taking this quiz! <3

Q: What is your favorite anime?
A: I have so many favorites, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you have the same. But Naruto is my first and favorite anime, not only because I grew up with it, but also because it helped me through my most difficult times.

Q: Who is your hero?
A: Obviously Saitama.

Q: What anime to watch next?
A: Good question. I haven’t watched any new season anime lately, so it’s hard to recommend any anime that’s new. Although, Kimetsu no Yaiba is a must watch if you haven’t heard of it yet and it’s still “kinda” new.

Q: Is it possible to request songs?
A: Yes! Want to request a song? That's now possible! Join AnimeVibes Discord server to request your favorite anime songs❤️

Q: Is self promoting/F4F allowed?
A: Fake engagements such as F4F, L4L or anything else that's related to self promoting is not allowed! If you want to build your own healthy community then network the right way. Hang out, socialize, make new friends and have fun.

Q: What makes you love anime music so much?
A: Besides the fact that Japanese artists have a beautiful voice especially the female vocalists, it also brings back old nostalgic memories that gives me a warm feeling.. for some reason that same feeling helps to reduce my anxiety and forget about real life issues. Even though it’s temporarily lol.

Q: Where to find song titles?
A: It might be a bit tricky to see but it's really there. If you look closely the song title will always appear on your screen top left corner. There's also an extended version with all the info about the song owners and what anime it is from, on my Discord server

Q: What is considered as spam?
A: It’s simple. Spamming is nothing more than sending messages repeatedly. I understand that you're very excited to hear your favourite anime song so you express your emotions by repeatedly sending emotes/words, but don't let this affect the chat where people actually want to have fun conversations. Sending the same messages just twice in short time is also considered as spam, so please refrain from doing this.

Q: Why is the sound scuffed, or is there no sound at all?
A: There’s a possibility that the sound could be scuffed or not work at all. Don’t panic, it might be a minor issue. If a scenario like this occurs, just refresh the stream, or turn off the low latency.

Q: On what platforms can I find AnimeVibes radio?
A: You can find and listen to AnimeVibes radio on Dlive and Twitch. For upcoming news and updates you can find AnimeVibes on social media platform
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Q: Does AnimeVibes have a Discord server?
A: Yes! Our own discord server is just recently finished and we welcome everyone that loves to socialize, discuss about anime, make new friends and to simply have fun! If you're interested to network and meet fellow otakus then click on "Discord" down below, and you will join the discord server. Hope to see you all there!💜
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