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J-pop & Anime Music Radio 24/7 - Request tracks!
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##### Official website where you can request tracks! :
##### Join our Discord Server!
##### Twitch Stream:

##### How to Request?
You can request tracks via here: " ". The basics are:

1. Go to
3. Select a song from the list
4. Press send
5. Your song will show up in the queue on-screen :)

if someone requests after you, whilst your song is still in the queue, they will overwrite your request. You can simply request again later or try and time it so that your request will show up when the current song is about to end. If you become a VIP user, more info below, you won't have to deal with all this, sorry for the inconvenience!

##### Donate here :D

##### Buy a VIP Pass!
you can buy a Lifetime (!) VIP pass for just €10/$10 USD, just donate it via the donation button up top, please make sure to put #VIP in the message!

If you want to donate the normal way, here the link:

For the VIP pass: In the donation message there has to be '#VIP' somewhere :)

The VIP pass will let you:
- Make requests which will always be played next, they can't be overwritten!
- Have a special "VIP request" text before your requests
- Have the ability to overwrite Randomized Songs!
- Download all of the tracks in, 99% of the time, a very high quality (either Flac or 320 kb)
- Download the background images in Full HD!
- Become a DJ in our discord server, so that you can play any music literally instantly, and queue it up with our music bot!

After donating you will receive an E-mail with further instructions, this can take a few minutes.

##### Moderators D-Live:
currently none D:

##### Rules
* no spoilers
* no spamming in chat
* no spamming of requests
* no sexual/disturbing RP (Roleplaying)
* only speak English in chat
* keep it PC (politically correct)

##### Info & Problems
If there are any issues please contact me at:
This is a 24/7 anime music radio livestream, the upcoming tracks are displayed in the gray boxes on top, if you want to request a new track to be added into the list of tracks please include at least the title and artist of the track. Have fun!

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##### Copyright
This stream is made with non-profit or does not represent another company. I do not own the copyrights to the "images" or the "music" in the video, however I do hold the license to stream this music!

If there's any infringement of copyright, please contact me at:

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