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Guild Rumbles consist of 10 total matches (also referred to as 'rounds').

Each match begins with 1 hour of "matchmaking" wherein your guild is matched with an opponent before you can begin battling.

The match round will last for 12 hours including the 1-hour matchmaking. Once the match ends, your guild is automatically and immediately put into matchmaking for the next round. After the 1-hour matchmaking period, your guild will face a new opponent Guild. This will repeat every 12 hours.

The Guild you face is calculated using a number of factors, including how each Guild has performed in previous Matches of the Rumble.

The top of the Guild Rumble screen will show you the name of the Guild you are facing, both your Guild and your opponent's current Rank in the Guild Rumble, current point total of each Guild, and time until the Match ends.

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