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About Me
Just an old gamer that plays a lot of different games. I play Need For Speed and Killer Instinct the most, but I have a lot of other stuff to stream as well. If you like my show or missed me this time hit the follow button and catch me next time I am online.
Want to support the King Of Nothing, check out the merch from the treasury. Grab some goodies for yourself or your subjects.
Join the discord and share in the fun :D, pop into chat rooms, squad up and work your way to gaming greatness. Please remember to keep chat TOS friendly and non political during streams.
This is where I will post updates and game names/dates. I will also be posting assorted artwork and links to streams I watch while I am actually watching them.
Want to listen to my playlist when I am offline. New tracks added daily.

Have an awesome day.
Ryzen 9 5950
64gb Corsair Vengeance
EVGA RTX 3070ti FTW3