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Hello Everyone! My name is Apexiie, I am a Mixer Streamer looking to give Dlive a try. Be sure to follow me on both as it goes along way! While streaming I strive to give Exciting & Competitive Gameplay so you will always have a good time! we like to keep things Chill & Snazzy so do not bring your drama to the channel & we will be good.

M-F - 9pm - 5am EST
S-S Random Start/End Time. Join Discord To Know For sure!

*Rules are Simple*
*No Racism
*No Asking To Be Mod - There will be a form to fill out to apply for mod.
*We Do NOT Do Viewer Games - Unless you are a regular!
*Do NOT Self-Promote In MY Channel - That Can Get You Banned Instantly!
*Respect Everyone In The Channel - Mod, Viewers & Streamer.
*Trolling Will Get You Permanently BANNED! - You Either Donate To Talk Smack Or You Get Banned.
*If You Get Banned & Feel Like It Was Unfair Or A Mod Is Abusing His/her Power You Can DM Me On Twitter Or Discord*

*Social Media*
*Twitter - https://twitter.com/ItsApexiie
*Discord - https://discord.gg/67FcbaE
*Mixer - https://mixer.com/Apexiie

*Would You Like To Donate To The Channel? All Help Goes To Making The Quality Of The Stream Better! Donations Are NOT Refundable!!
*Donating Will Get Your Name Put On A Donation Leaderboard Of The Top 10 Donators!
* 5$+ Will Allow Text To Speech, Facemasks Enabled.
*Talking Trash In Chat Will Get You Permanently Banned, Trash Talk Can Be Left In a Donation Note If You Want To Talk Trash.
*Donation Link - https://streamlabs.com/Apexiie1

With All That Being Said!
I Hope You All Enjoy Your Time Here & Enjoy The Content I Bring To The Table, Remember To Follow My Social Media To Stay Up to Date On Everything Off Stream! Love you all - Apexiie