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🕹️About Me🕹️
Hello Me It's ArcadiaTv
I'm a fan of retro games
I have this culture of playful video games
and I would like to share my passion with you with a lot of pleasure and fun.
🕹️My Friends Retro Gamers🕹️
🕹️My Friends Retro Gamers🕹️
🕹️Games Finish🕹️
1 Resident Evil 2 Avec Leon & Claire Psx.
2 Sonic The Hedgehog Sans Mourir MD.
3 Super Mario World Original Snes.
4 Zero Wing MD
5 Enduro Racer MS
6 Street Fighter 2 The New Challenger Snes.
7 Joe & Mac 1 Snes.
8 Bowser Cataclysmic Trap Hack Snes.
9 Street Of Rage 2 MD
10 Bubble Bobble MS
11 Pole Position ATARI 2600
12 Vanilla Made To Order Hack Snes
13 Oiram's Invasion Hack Snes.
14 Super R-Type Snes.
15 Tom & Jerry Game Gear.
16 Tomb Raider Ps3.
🕹️My Consoles🕹️
Raspberry Pi 3 B+
PlayStation 3
🕹️ Défits Des Viewers🕹️
Wednesday 15 challenge By Claire Redfield On Tom & Jerry On Game Gear The Finish If I get there challenge successful =)

If you want to see success
That I got Click on the image
On the edge of Sonic.
🕹️Hack By Gamma V🕹️
Do you want the 14 hack by gamma v?
Click on the image on the outside of sonic to
Get it.
🕹️SnesGuide Radio🕹️
Would you like to listen to the retro webradio?
I recommend snesguide radio
click on the image to the decord of sonic.
🕹️Liste De Souhait🕹️
Amd Radeon Rx 580 , 8Go
🕹️Our Discord🕹️
here is my dicord that you could join
I created this discord for dlive family
and we will have a good time together.
🕹️Tchat Rules🕹️
To keep the stream popular with everyone, follow these few rules:

Stay polite with me as with the chat.

Respect my moderators, they are there for the stream to go on in the best possible conditions.

Hate speech is not allowed here. No racism, sexism, homophobia or others!

No spam and advertising, remember to ask before posting a link thank you

No Spoil and Backseat! (If you troll on a false spoil and you are banned too bad for you)

Cheats, glitch, etc ... we don't want it here, please keep it for yourself!

For those who want voice no multi stream without having spoken with me before, it's still more pleasant.

Are we good comrades in
joy and good humor ♥
🕹️Chaîne YouTube🕹️
I have a YouTube channel
My I don't use it.
🕹️Config Pc🕹️
Pc Megaport .
Carte Graphic AMD Radeon R7 .
Processeur AMD A10-9700 Radeon R7
10 Compute Cores 4C+6G 3.80 GHz .
Disk Dur 1000 Go .
Ram's Msi DDR4 16 Go
Webcam C920 HD PRO 1080p & 720p .
Micro Usb Tonor Avec Filtre Anti Pop .
Cable Ethernet .
Avermedia LGP Lite .
Ecran Asus 1080p .
Tour Hunter A LED Bleus
Clavier The G-Lab + Souris Megaport .
System D'exploitation Windows 10 64 Bits .