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Be kind to one another and not bring a bad time in the chat, including towards the streamer and the moderators.

There is no tolerance when it comes to hate-based chat of any kind.

Do not spam of any sort in an unnecessary or negative matter.

If any topic leads from regular stream to beyond X-Tagged Content, I would have no choice but to change it to X-Tagged Content once it is brought up or shown. I am sorry for convenience since I would like to have the replays be up. =(

If there are concerns about language barriers between the viewer and the streamer, I think there are settings that might help or translate it to the language used here. If those do not work, please let me know or others about this issue. Me or those that know will assist of what we can.

Song requests rules: Discord requests are first priority, if requested on chat would follow after. Let us aim on songs/music that does not have excessive profanity unless if it is marked X-Tagged Content. ANYTHING THAT APPLIES TO OFFENSIVE NATURE OF ANY KIND, IT ALSO APPLIES TO NO TOLERANCE ON HATE-BASED MESSAGING!

*Shoutout to Jinx for making these title cards on "Rules" and "About"
Hello, Everyone! My persona is Arch Messenger. A Cartoon VTuber that is aiming towards authenticity and not only novelty. This channel is mostly for drawing and animation activities (sometimes try other categories). I would stream in my spare time on available days. (I have two dedications, my passion and regular job. :/ ) You will be notified when I stream so keep a lookout. I hope you enjoy and have a decent one!

At this time, I am still continuing on my journey to "The Path of Verified Partner". Along the road, I will be willing to give shout outs to viewers as long as I check through the replays and during streams!

When I visit channels, please make sure that it is informed that the channels have moderators and/or guideline rules in the descriptions. After going beyond follow goals, there will be less chances for me to check channels even if requested or spammed. I will be double checking on each follow goal. If you want to stay on following, check in my streams and replays sometime. If you are here solely for hype, do not expect that it will be every time. Only follow when you do legit enjoy my content.

If you want to have a different option to donate, I have StreamLabs too: (Please let me know if it works since I set this up recently.)
!discord - This lets you join in my Discord!
!donate - This allows you to donate besides lino!
!social - This showcases both social media and other platforms I would use if want to support those as well!