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Facts about election
Obama, Biden, CIA Director Gina Haspel Evidently Arrested for Espionage, Voter Fraud
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Before it’s

Judy Byington

Evidently Barak Obama has been arrested in Hawaii and charged with Espionage according to an announcement by Assistant Attorney General for National Security, John C. Demers on Saturday 28 Nov.

That same day Obama’s former VP Joe Biden began wearing a boot that could hide an ankle bracelet, although he claimed the boot was due to an ankle injury. Two weeks ago CIA Director Gina Haspel was captured and detained on charges of Election Fraud – and said to be spilling the beans on Obama and Biden.

Obama, Biden and Haspel were suspected of colluding with foreign powers including the Chinese Communist Party, plus promoting the use of Election Fraud, to put the socialist leaning and compromised Biden/ Harris ticket in power, overtake the US government and establish a New World Order.

Obama’s complaint alleged that the former US President compromised US security by conspiring with a business partner and former CIA agent to give US government classified information to high up Chinese intelligence officials in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Biden was reported to be under house arrest for compromising US security by conspiring with a foreign power to interfere with a US Election. Although, Biden was quite upfront about his Voter Fraud on national TV, saying right before the election that he had “compiled the most extensive Voter Fraud organization in the history of politics.”

Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop was said to contain evidence that Biden was compromised, having accepted millions of dollars from China, the Ukraine and other countries during his years in public office, including his eight years of serving as Vice President of the US.

A Sun. 22 Nov. report showed Joe Biden stole $140 million from US Treasury and transferred it to his personal account in the Cayman Islands: “Report Shows Joe Biden Stole $140 Million From US Federal Treasury & Transferred the $$ to Rosemont Seneca, Purportedly For Bank Bailouts & Then to His Personal Account in the Cayman Islands.”

Months before the Election, the Ukraine had issued a warrant on Biden for his dealings there – news which like everything else connected to the Democrat Cabal, never made it to the Left Wing Mass Media headlines.

Haspel’s, Obama’s and Biden’s alleged arrests were said connected to an extensive investigation of massive Voter Fraud issues centering around Dominion Company servers and the 2020 Presidential Election that Biden claimed to have won.

On 7 Nov, the Saturday after Elections, CIA Director Gina Haspel was captured and detained for Election Fraud. She was injured by US Spec OP’s forces that raided a Frankfurt Germany CIA server farm site. Unfortunately five US soldiers and one of the CIA mercenaries were killed in the firefight.

Haspel, evidently in Frankfurt to protect server data that would incriminate Deep State leaders such as Obama and Biden, was said to be cooperating to lessen her own sentence and revealing information about an extensive Voter Fraud scam perpetrated by Democrats in the 2020 Election.

The Military raid captured Dominion Voting servers, which were found to have swung votes from Trump to Biden from their locations in Germany, Canada and Spain. Simultaneous raids took place in Toronto (Dominion Voting System headquarters) and Barcelona Spain (another CIA Scytl server farm used in the election vote switching fraud).

Although you would never hear about it in today’s Mass Media, the connections were obviously there. George Soros was head of the Board of Directors for Dominion. Since the Nov. 3 election, a boatload of evidence has come forth around George Soros-owned, CIA-developed Dominion Voting Machines that tabulated the US Election results. The tabulation was done on easily compromised servers in Germany, Canada and Spain which were hooked up to the Internet. The Dominion programs were said to be designed to throw millions of Trump votes to Biden.

In 2002-2004 a Hammer Supercomputer Scorecard app vote switching algorithm software on Dominion machines was borrowed from the CIA to be used in Venezuelan-developed Smartmatic vote switching software by dictator Hugo Chavez and Venezuelan military officers in order to rig elections.

On Sat. morning 28 Nov. Obama’s Criminal Complaintwas unsealed by Demers, U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawaii Kenji M. Price, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division Alan E. Kohler Jr., and Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Honolulu Field Office Eli S. Miranda.

A judge has imposed a “media blackout” in the US on news about the arrest, but Canadian outlets like Conservative Beaver and a couple of Spanish speaking newspapers were not subject to those rules and have reported on the high profile arrest.

Under direction of General Michael Flynn Mass Arrests were continuing on over 209,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since President Trump took office. On Wed. 25 Nov. Flynn began executing high level arrests overseas and was presently after pedophiles in the Netherlands – the New World Order and Council of Foreign Relations headquarters – where recently, a lot of planes have mysteriously crashed. Henry Kissinger and others have been ousted from the Council of Foreign Relations.

Military rendition flights were all over the US. It was said that hundreds of treasonous actors were being extracted, put onto flights and interrogated until they turned, with an emphasis on finding evidence of voter fraud. These Military flights were increasing in preparation for potential Antifa violence and RV release security.

For years Democratic Party and some Republican political elites apparently have been working in cooperation with the Chinese and other Communist Parties to overthrow the US government and set up a New World Order. Trump and the White Hats of the Alliance set up the 2020 Presidential Election as a Sting to catch these bad guys in treason – with intelligence gathered by “The Kraken.”

The Kraken was the nickname of the 305th Battalion Military Intelligence corps located at Fort Huachuca, AZ. It provided electronic warfare and signals intelligence (SIGINT). The 305th consisting of six companies, HHC, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo.

On Wed. morning 4 Nov. right after the Election, the Department of Defense, 305th Battalion and NSA began recording real time fraud evidence of vote switching from all six Battleground states (GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ, NV) in a blockchain tech ledger that was un-hackable and undelete-able. This real time digital evidence would now be used to prosecute all Deep Staters involved in Election and Voter Fraud – including Obama, Biden and Haspel.

Page 9 of Sydney Powell’s Federal Lawsuits filed in Georgia and Michigan midnight Wed. 25 Nov. 2020: “The Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020.”

The Prophecy
Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2011 1:12 AM
> To: Wallace J. Littrell
> Cc:
> Subject: Here is something to get your morning started. Say a prayer.
> Dad,
> Hey man,
> I have a lot of stuff going on right now, but, the bad times in my
> life are over. I am not in trouble.
> I am humble. I have been searching my whole life for happieness, and
> I found it. It wasn't in a bottle, it wasn't with money, it wasn't
> with material possessions, it was with God. I have a gift. I have
> been trying to tell you and everyone one else. But you don't listen
> because you are deaf. Your understanding of the world is different
> then mine. Its because of the circumstances. I have been ran through
> the ringer since I was able to remember. I have adapted and over came
> every obstacle in my life. I may have not known what to do, and made
> some very stupid decisions, but I never lostthe Faith in my life. It
> was God who sheltered me, it was God who helped me. I had God, you
> have God, he is there for everyone. He spoke to me this time and I
> could hear. I am humble.
> I have found the meaning of life, and I know what I have to look
> forward to in heaven. If you stand by the code of man, the basic
> teachings of the Bible, and keep God in your sights no matter what, he
> will take care of you.
> I need your help. Faith Hogue Tate, my grandma, your mother, took me
> under her wing and taught me about Gods love at a young age. I
> listened, and I learned about God.
> I need to talk to you. It can be on the phone, it can be on the
> internet. It can be whenever you want.
> You can bring Connie in, I have nothing to hide.
> I need a lawyer. I need a good one. I need help trying to change
> this world. I have to much invested in life to sit back while the
> world tries to dictate what it will bring me. I am the game changer.
> I am the one who tries to open peoples eyes to reason and knowledge
> while utilizing the core teachings of the Lord. I am being utilized
> by him to do his duties. I will be making alot of money, but it is
> not about the money.
> Thats the evil. It is a necessary fire that we are utilizing to see
> through life. It can burn us and it can control us and it can be
> productive. The money is not worth the paper it was printed on. It
> is all a game, that normal, everyday people don't understand. I am
> not doing anything for money anymore. I am working hard and enjoying
> life. I am blessed that I learned everything I have in such a short
> amount of time.
> Through the lessons in life I have learned who I can trust and who I
> can't. I need your help. I need a lawyer. I can do this on my own,
> but I think with your help, Chris's help, and Orvilles help: We can
> start to change this world through the legal system. It worked for
> Orville, it worked for Chris, and it has affected you the way it has.
> The legal system was founded on Religion and Code of Man and God. It
> helped Orville get his lawsuit, it helped Chris get his disability,
> and it has helped you positive and negative. Through my on the life
> training, I see that God can win in the legal system. Corporate
> America should not be able to dictate our Faith. It stops with me.
> It starts with God. I have started the ball rolling on the most
> costly lawsuit that will ever affect the American worker. I am not
> doing it for money, I am doing it for God, I am doing it for Grandma,
> I am doing it for my fellow brother. It is not fair for a person to
> be persecuted by anyone because of their religous beliefs. This will
> probably be settled out of court rather quick, but I need a lawyer.
> Please, as my father who knows how the world works, help your son to
> carry on Gods word. It probably won't cost you a dime, but, if I had
> you on my side, we could make a good team. I love you, I have a huge
> heart that I want to share with mankind. One person at a time Or by
> technology, the legal system, and the rules founded by the American
> people over a century ago. My education and life is not for nothing,
> it is for the works of God. Everything you know about me, see in me,
> and think about me is not a accurate account of who I am.
> Please take this time to get to know your son, Your blood, your
> prodigy. Just remember from hear on out, everyone is on a need to
> know basis. You know and understand that. This may be used in a
> court of law latter, but at least the United States government in
> whatever form will have an account of what really happens to Good
> people who still believe in the key focuses that the founding fathers
> have put forth. The world is not ending anytime soon Dad. As long as
> everyone thinks it is ending, the radicals will have a reason to
> preach. Don't get me wrong, the world is ending, one day at a time.
> And our world ends at death. Your concept of death and my concept of
> death are the same, what happens after death is the result of life.
> Keep praying for me, don't forget about your blood. That all we have,
> the blood of Christ, given to us by God, that is necessay for life
> and causes death. If it wasn't for blood, we would never get sick or
> die. Blood is made of water from the earth. We come from the earth
> that God created millions and millions of years ago. He sent his son
> 2000 years ago to bless us with the gift of new life. You have found
> it, I have found it, my mom has found it, Paul always had it, Faith
> Hogue found it, my wife found it, my sons will find it. We need to
> stick together as as brothers and sisters in Christ, and it is time to
> stand up for God. I will never be a holy roller, but I will know
> where I stand in Christ. Right by his side doing his bidding one day
> at a time. Do not fear what you don't understand, but open your heart
> for the graces of God. I love you dad. I look forward to talking to
> you in person, but I have to do what I was put on earth to do. Preach
> the workings of Jesus Christ. No amount of money will fill the void
> of life, only the Holy spirit. Take a moment to reflect and remember
> from here on out everything has to be on the record. This record will
> live forever, as long as the media it is on last. I don't think
> printed words are going away soon. They have been here forever, in
> some shape, fashion, or language, for us to communicate Gods work.
> Please Pray with me.
> Father,
> I know that we have flaws within our heart brought forth by the world
> around us, but please use me as your tool to bring hope, meaning and
> Grace to the believers of the world.
> Just because we don't understand what is going on, doesn't mean we are
> dead to hearing. You have touched all of are lives at the best and
> worst times of our life.
> When we truly hear what you are saying, we react. When called upon by
> God to bear the cross of Salvation, are we going to do the will of
> God, or are we going to keep ignoring his call. You, Chris, Faith,
> myself, my mom, Paul, and infinity other people that I have never meet
> has been called by God to share the works of God. Through us we will
> carry the cross for Jesus so that we can help open up the eyes of the
> nay sayers, and preach the word of the Lord. Through Technology of
> the world today, we will do what is right for the Lord. Then will
> will teach others about the grace of God one person at a time. I hope
> that you will join me for the first day of the rest of our lives
> together within Christ.
> Please take this time to reflect in Christ and please call me. I
> don't have anything to fear, but the devil. As long as I know who and
> what the devil is, I will not let him enter my heart. Choose your
> words wisely my brother, because it is the word of God that rolls off
> your tongue that people have to judge you. Christ was judged by his
> brothers because of what he said and did, not by what he believed. We
> are one body in Christ Jesus. May God bless America, our Family, and
> our hearts. The second coming is always just a moment away, if it
> wasn't, we wouldn't have the meaning of life revealed to us. Lord
> God, Jesus, the Holy spirit, as one trinity in the spirit, use me as
> you intended and thank you for the grace of God.
> Amen
> Love you. I apologize for any errors in this message.
> I always hated English. If it doesn't make since, use your heart and
> reread this and ask for God to touch your heart with his teachings.
> The core beliefs that were left for us as a guide to the Holy Spirit
> and to witness for him. Will you join me in the Fight to bring God
> back to the World. If it is not for him, why grace us with the gift
> of life.
> Love you
> Wallace J Littrell Jr