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Hello There!
I am a GameDeveloper! I stream as much as possible! I currently have exams! so after exams i will start to try streaming daily! :P

Exam finish in: 0days

My goal is to get 2k linos to prove my parents that Dlive is epic and i can win money from it.
Also need 4k to buy parts for my Pc so i could stream on my pc and fix lag when i am playing my game or coding my game.

Viewers that have donated over 1k will receive my game for free!
People in Og Gang List will also receive for free!
If you know coding join in the chat and help me out !
I am new to this coding world after all and im loving it!

Every time i hit my 2k goal lino i will add 1k to the chest :D
I am the type of person which would lie and add more linos to the chest because its all love <3

Games i have made:
1. (Nearly finished one game!)

Games I am makings:
1.Zombie Rush ( may change name :P)
2. Wood Maze ( Horror game) ( Side project) (meaning i dont stream making the game) (sorry)


IMERI (potentially this would be my companies name :P)

1. No offensive language! - Mute 5min(first time and second) (perm mute third time)
2. Dont be rude to viewers or mods - Mute 5min(first time) (perm mute second time)
3. Do not ask for the chest multiple times - Warning (first time) 5min mute(second time)(perm mute third time)
4. Do not self advertise your stream - perm mute (first time)
5. Do no spam, only if i say so - warning (first time) 5min mute (second time) 2x 5min mutes (third time) 5x 5min mute ( fourth time) perm mute ( fifth time)

Moderators Rules:
1. Be as active as possible - ( if not active i will be forced to remove mod, until seen you are active)
2. Do not be rude to viewers even if the do something terrible be a role model - ( if rude mod will be removed and you would be perm muted)
3. No offensive language (just a warning :P, but if it continues id be forced to remove mod :( sorry )
4. Do not force people to donate, if the viewers enjoy content they can happily donate.

AronPlays (Streamers) Rules:
1. Every Time i swear i have to add a lino to the chest!
2. When i sweared 10times i place 5linos in chest and moderators can decide to mute me from 1min - 5min or spare my life!

Moderator List:
2AdmiralAtomic (mod has been removed but if active again you'd have your redemption :D )

OG fam Gang List:
CodeFreak(New Add due to activity)
Magoozy(removed due to inactivity)
AdmiralAtomic(removed due to inactivity)