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My main art place
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My twitter where I post random doodles n junk
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Kinda abandoned, but there's some oldies there
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I used to have a tumblr, but it's dead so... maybe one day, I'll link it.
I've got a discord where I post art things n chat with twats for funsies

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It's kinda smol n pretty chill, come hang out or whatever. There's some other cool arties there too that post their stuff n streams 👍
Ful info is in me Trello

I don't have a proper Price sheet up yet with all the things I do and proper prices, but the one above is the most accurate atm.

I do Character pieces, Reference sheets, Comics, Icons, Logos & Background art 👍

(see Left tab)

Twitter: Blargetiblarg
FurAffinity: Asianpie
Deviantart: Asianpie
I've got a Patreon 👍If you wanna support me on the regs, I've gots one of those.

I don't have any major rewards, mostly just art things I draw, monthly reward for top tier (sold out), early access on some things, exclusive wip doodles sometimes, exclusive votes on what I should draw. Stuff like that.

Nothing too fancy. Might expand in future, but for now it's nice n simple.
I've got a ko-fi if you wanna throw scolding hot coffee and icy cold sodas at me instead of fresh juicy lemons
I sometimes do Sketch streams, where I draw sketches for cheap on the stream - usually taking them on Twitter ( ) before taking them in stream chat.

Follow me on Twitter for a better idea of when I'll do a sketch stream and an Early bird slot 👍

Examples of previous stream sketches
- [NUDE]