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Hello, I am Atigeve, or Atig, or Tig I will answer to all!!! I am a long time gamer and love MMO's, you will find a multitude of games here from Diablo 3 to PoE to FFXIV to FFXI to Overwatch It will probably be pretty random for now. I have no set schedule of days atm, but I will usually do my best to start my streams between 8 and 8:30pm EST. If you like how I play or have questions about my gaming do not hesitate to ask, I love to help people out, given the nature of my streams gear checks are not possible at this time. Most importantly to me, THANK YOU (yes YOU) for stopping by and spending time with me, I really hope you enjoy the time spent here!

This is simple... D B A D really it is that simple, treat people how you expect to be treated, including me.