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About me
My nickname's Aurori, I've been with the Apex team since early beta, helping them mainly with customer support. I'm in the first line of testers with new products as well which is one of the reason I can now share this with you. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask either in chat or on [discord]( ). As I'm from Sweden I might not answer during nights here, but I'm very active over at Discord, so come by and say hi!
What is Mako?
Mako is the latest bot by [ApexTraders]( ) and it's a so called "Market Making" bot, this means that it does no form of technical analysis like it's predecessors but instead it places a few orders (we call them layers) that go either long or short depending on market direction and if it goes long and price drops, it buys in deeper and moves the take profit with the market.
What am I trading atm and why?
Right now I am trading Ripple(XRP) over at [Bybit]( ).

XRP because it gives a greater ROI than BTC atm, and it moves less in general so it's easier to build really safe configs while still making good money.

Bybit because it's simply the best market out there, we tested other markets earlier and the inability to actually edit orders was a great issue for the bot, so we went for the fastest and easiest market to work with, Bybit.
If you'd like to donate that would be awesome and all the money I get here will go straight back in to the bot!

Follow this [link]( ) or simply send crypto to the following adresses :)
Long term history
This is my history so far using the Mako bot with the current setup. My goal is 2% daily which is roughly $20. Click the image to see it better. I will update this image once per day. Hope you enjoy!