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Welcome to my channel!

So about me, Ive been gaming for awhile, Im a huge Halo fan, i own every legendary edition. I play on both PC and Xbox. Though when it comes to streaming its always PC. Im also a big anime fan, FLCL is my favorite. fun fact all of my tattoos have something to do with anime. I do use foul language, and I started streaming about a year ago. It started out due to my group of friends drunken friday nights, we had alot of fun and wanted to share it. I started taking streaming a bit more seriously a few months ago, and try to make it better while learning Adobe Premier. I switched from Twitch to Dlive recently and i do have a youtube channel as well. Ive been playing LoL since season 2 but didnt get into the game until 3, and playing ranked since season 4. Im currently gold 4. Ive been playing WoW since 2008, im more of a pve player. Ive been playing Destiny since Destiny 1's BETA, enjoy all aspects of the game. I know its not much but feel free to join chat and i can answer any questions.
Thanks for the view and feel free to follow.

Current games that i stream:
World of Warcraft (Will do classic along with retail when it comes out)
League of Legends
Destiny 2
And various games here and there

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvk9GmiFL1iNnBfmqUtoN_g
Twitter: https://twitter.com/avengence17
I do have a 8-5 job and travel for work occasionally but I try to stream
Tues 8-11 CST
Wed 8-11 CST (WoW Raid Stream)
Friday 8-? CST (Drunken Stream)
I do stream randomly on other days as well just not static.