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Welcome to my official Dlive channel!!

My name is Avguste Antonov and I am concert pianist and piano professor. My official music website is avgusteantonov.com and I do teach piano online (Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp).

Outside of the piano, I am a gamer and chess player. I have been playing PC games since 2004 and over the years, I have played Americas Army, WoW, EVE, Perpetuum, Dead Frontier and others.

As far as chess, I started chess at the age of 10-11 in Bordeaux (France), played competitively in France and the United States until 2008 and then took a long hiatus of about 10 years. Since April 2019, back at playing chess competitively for my chess club Echiquier Bordelais in various local, regional and national tournaments in France.
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About Avgust Antonov
• Gold Medal in Piano & Chamber Music, CRR Bordeaux, France, 1998
• Bachelor of Music Piano Performance, University of Kansas, United States, 2004
• Graduate Studies, Texas Christian University, United States, 2006-2008
• Concert Pianist, United States & Europe, 2008- Present

For students level intermediate and advanced . For details and fees:
+33 611497199
Skype ID--- avguste
Every bit helps and it's much appreciated. Thank you for supporting the channel and my streaming by viewing and/or donating.
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