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Streamer is offline
Game i will stream :
PubgMobiles [Emulator]/ for now..

Do you play any other games?:
League of Legends/CS Go/Lineage 2/Real PUBG/a bit Apex.

When did you start playing PubGM ?:
Season 4, highest rank was Ace. I stoped all shooting games for MOBA games and i'm back on PUBG/M.

Stream Languages:
Greek & English but i can speak Albanian as well & a bit German.

Why do you like PubgM ? :
I find it so fun especially playing with company & it is much more easier than the real one, also a very good reason i played this game was because my friends had no good Hardware system to support the real pubG.

Reason for streaming? :
Well you could have some fun watching my aggro most of the times plays,i try to learn and hold back on fights and chose when to fight and not but it's hard, most of the times i will even fight 1 squad or 2 squads even if i know i will die in seconds :D But ill try my best.

Are you a good PubgM player? :
7/10 i guess maybe 8. [Personal Opinion].

Why did you decide streaming in DLive?:
A friends recommended me that and i thought, why not?

**You can call me Avo[(άβο)(Geek Language)]** I will play squad matches but most of the times they try to fight in crowd places something i don't prefer on squads, so most of the times i go on squad Mode but Solo except if i play with my premade friends. Stream is mostly for fun and to have some nice chat with the community & not to become a billionaire.

Facebook [ personal] : https://www.facebook.com/avo.doeh