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☕ Hi, I am John C. and I like Coffee
A LOT!!! Man from Philippines and having a simple living.

💬 They say I am good at English in some way (maybe just communicating in chat) but not good verbally

🔥 A self taught UX/UI Designer and currently Studying more about UX/UI Design and Research.

🌎I thought about having a channel on DLive because it is new, also crypto based platform and exploring more about the community in here. For real, there's a bunch of great community that I have visit.

😅 Also this is my First TIME streaming LIVE with my Mobile via Streamlabs... If you have any suggestion to improve my streaming, just give me a message. That could be helpful

🎮Genre that I play in my Android:
- RPG [NEW] Sky: Children of the Light
- Horror
- Puzzles
- Emulator [PSP] Tekken, MHP3rd

🍩 That's all for now. Thanks


Games In-Play: Mostly Android Games


MIght some games interest you. Games that probably you haven't heard off, or games that you have played a long time ago.

Studio's In-Name:
Playdigious, Ubisoft, Capcom, ThatSkyGame, Namco



🤬 Don't be rude! (also in chatting)

🤬 No Foul Words in any Language!
(Children might be watching also)

☄️ No Racism

☄️ Be Courteous

☄️ Be Friendly

☄️ Be communicative (only speak/type English Language)



🕐 Philippine time ( GMT+8 )

So on your Local Time that would be:
💻 Mon - 🕐 5 pm
💻 Tue - 🕐 5 pm
💻 Wed - 🕐 5 pm
💻 Thu - 🕐5 pm
💻 Fri - Day Off
💻 Sat - Day Off
💻 Sun - 🕐 5 pm

🎧 On Half of each month
Subscribers can join giveaway of My Design Store discount!
Including Overlays and Personalized Logos. 🎧

🎧 So stay tuned! 🎧



As a starter, I would really appreciate it. Seriously, this will help me grow this channel and also help other New Content Creators to create for themselves because I feel them as having a Introvert Personality.

Donations are not required but are greatly appreciated!

All lemons received go to the maintenance and improvement of stream quality and hardware.

Paypal -

BTT - TKg3kVB3cBeMZyrjnu954BxNUv1pVmAiEt

BTC - 3NV4uhLQBgsRhduZ3qexHYBKYZspum6eYg

ETH - 0x99174e6557bcf5a8f6cd4306ba36b7615ea4bbd3



My goal for NOW!! - is to achieve 100 Followers and 20 Subscribers

It's just that simple.

My Design STORE

Regarding to Logo, Overlays, Page Designs, please Direct Message me on the following social media:

You can also Contact me thru this number:

- +639109654664
- Also Available on WhatsApp
UNIT - Lenovo Ideapad 305
PROCESSOR - Intel Core - i5 5200U