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Author of Before You Fall: A Book On Pride. Born in Seattle, Washington, I now live in Japan with my wife, working on my life goals of starting a family and keeping my own Pride in check.

Chat is what makes streaming more fun, so please check out my chat rules and chime in with any thoughts and questions for me when you get 'em.

For more info on what I'm all about, check out:

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I'm rewarding my viewers by streaming with: https://get.incent.com/
Go to that website and you can earn a little while you view, just by typing in the codes that randomly appear on my stream.

Feel free to ask me about it if you are curious.

📌 Rules of chat 📌

My ideal chat is working together to make great memes, laughs, and have fun. So here are my basic thoughts on chat rules:

★1★ Criticism or an occasional negative comment is fine if you also give an idea on how to improve what you are criticizing, or provide a solid reason for your scary scary hurtful frightening words.

★2★ Let's generally try to keep chat subjects away from politics. My only firm political stance is that I hate political correctness with a passion.

★3★ I will attempt to answer any question you have for me, but I have the right to ignore or change topics at any time.

★4★ Don't be a real jerk!

★4a★ Occasionally being a fake jerk is fine as long as you aren't going 100% troll with personal attacks/threats and are really just trying to make everyone laugh.

Thanks for watching!
Currently playing: Fortnite, Rocket League, Twitch Sings, & Paladins
Trying to stream most days starting at 7pm PST

To see some of my older livestreams you can go to: https://www.twitch.tv/bkjohnsen/videos
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